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Star Butterfly by Flasho-D

Ah, what can I say....This is a beautiful piece of fan-art. Vision: I love the realism you brought into this image. Besides to large, c...

Marco can dance! by DragonInkMarkers

Very nice re-draw. I have seen a lot of these and all of them are well-drawn. First thing I would like to say, I love how you drew the ...

Jealous Star and Marco by Gavlexx
by Gavlexx

I love the connection you made with the show. This headcanon is very intriguing. It may happen, who knows. The Artwork is very well mad...

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Hello fellow Fallers (or just Gravity Falls fans), I am going to share my theory which relates to Stanley Pines and Shermy Pines. I would like to thank :iconpolkamena: for helping me with this theory and Douglas Mackrel for informing me a little to support the theory.

Okay, so as Stanley said in the second episode of season 1, it reveals that he has an ex wife and he hates marriage . In "Little Gift Shop of Horror" Stanley said "Movies are great! You watch the movie, you scare the girl. The girl snuggles up next to you. Next thing you know, gotta raise a kid. Your life falls apart. Forget that last part.
So I began to think more.

  • Stanley WAS married. We don't know for sure if it is Carla, but I think it is. From what I know, Carla may not be as nice as we think she is. She often cheats with other men (she cheated on Stanley as shown in "Dreamscaperers" and probably Bud Gleeful due to the commercial for Lil' Gideon). And as Stanley said in his 'marriage' joke "Her aim is gettin' better" which I think means that her aim is getting better when it comes to weapons.

  • Besides marriage, Stanley and Carla had a kid. This is proved in the first quote above. I guess Stanley didn't want to tell anyone about his marriage/child since he did say "Forget that last part" after mentioning he raised a child.
:iconpolkamena: and I agreed that her character, Micheal Pines, is their child; GF OC: Michael Pines by polkamena (I just realized he looks a lot like Stanford, LOL!). Micheal Pines would also be the father of Dipper and Mabel. 
  • GF: If stan had a Child by KaleiAlie  I believe that Stanley is their true grandfather. There's been various hints throughout the show, one good example is the showing of 'Grandpa the Kid', a movie playing in the theater Stan went to when HE was a kid in one of the flashbacks in "Dreamscaperers". There's a bunch of other hints scattered throughout the show. I believe that Stan was lying to Stanford about Shermy being the grandfather so that he wouldn't let Dipper and Mabel know. Remember, in "A Tale of Two Stans", Stanley said that he lied to his entire family, which can include Stanford, Dipper and Mabel. But who knows, we won't know the truth for sure until the show's over.
  • For Stanley and Carla to be married and have a kid, it must have happened during the time when Stanley already left home and before Stanley and Stanford met again. I am guessing Stanley and Carla were married during their 20s, since Stanley was 30 when he met Stanford again. Stanley and Carla had their kid then were later divorced while their child was still a baby. Carla raised Micheal herself and took all of Stanley's money, making Stanley go back to his journey.

But how would this character, Micheal Pines, be the father of Dipper and Mabel if Shermy is the grandfather? Wouldn't Stanley be "Granpda Stan" instead?

Lets go back to "A Tale of Two Stans". So, you know how Stan and Ford were giving out flashbacks during the episode? Well, both Stan and Ford can be unreliable narrators, and we're offered a version of events that are shown as they are remembered - and may not be 100% true. Much like Stan's internalization of being a glasses wearing nerd until he learned how to take care of himself. We were offered a version of Grunkle Stan that - as we now know - was not 100% accurate.

  • Since we now know that their visions may not be true, let's go back to Shermy. We see Shermy as a baby from the flashbacks. But what if him being a baby was only suppose to be some sort of statement? What if Stan and or Ford knew Shermy as an annoying sibling. A tattle-tale, a cry-baby, a spoiled child. This can be why Ford or Stan would make Shermy look like a baby in their flashbacks.
How is Shermy not being a baby relate to this? Or him being a bad child?
  • When Stanley told Stanford that Dipper and Mabel are Shermy's grand-kids, Stanford was surprise. Like we all think, he is shown to be surprised because he know has a niece and a nephew. What if he wasn't just surprised about that? He may also be surprised since Stanley and Stanford knew Shermy as a spoiled child, and Stanford didn't know that Shermy would ever fall in love and get married.
If Stanley was the grandfather the whole time, how come Dipper and Mabel didn't know? Wouldn't Micheal Pines tell his kids about his parents?
  • Well, as said in "A Tale of Two Stans", Stanley faked his own death and also lied to his entire family. This means Micheal Pines actually thought his father died. Stanley did take Stanford's identity so when Dipper and Mabel's father and mother brought them to Gravity Falls, Micheal thought Stanley was Stanford all along. Micheal may have not told Dipper and Mabel about his father because it may have been too emotional for him to tell them.

Well, that's the theory. You don't have to believe it if you don't like it. I respect all your opinions. Good Day :)


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Hi. I am Nicole Wanzala, a 13 year old artist. I am a massive fan of cartoons such as
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I came to DeviantArt to express our I feel in ART. It can either be about an interest, a certain TV program, or my actual feelings.
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I am not always agreeable. This site saw me through my whiny phases, so I beg your pardon if you saw some of my older comments and sketches.
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As you can see, in my gallery, I have a ton of "Powerpuff Girls","Littlest Pet Shop", "Hi hi puffy Ami Yumi" junk clustered around. I have grown up. I don't watch does cartoons anymore, nor do I draw them. I have know improved a lot. Please do not look in the featured, or any other folder in my gallery expect for 2015 and up.
I am Canadian :flagcanada:.
I join here on the last day of Ferbruary in 2012 (Feb 29)
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